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It’s been a week.  Being honest, it’s been a YEAR!!  A year of a ‘scorched earth’ campaign for president,
ending this past Tuesday.  This post isn’t about politics or the campaign though.  It’s about getting out of the
office to find some space and breathe, even during a hard week of learning that your gal didn’t win.

My need to get out led me to a vista of ACTUAL scorched earth, the site of the horrific
“Sand Fire” in Santa Clarita, CA that took many homes in the area in August 2016.
The site I am in……..this spot where FEBRUARY’S 10 on 10 was shot with my kids,
the Placenta Canyon Nature Center’s Waterfall Hike and eastern area of the canyon.
It’s now a devastating ghost of hikes past.  And my heart weeps; the area is closed indefinitely.  🙁

Shot on my iPhone 6, using an app for the BW conversions.

 I drove past here the on the weekend to deliver my daughter to a friend’s house and was so
shocked by what I saw in the fire damage area.  My beloved hike….just wiped off the lay of
earth, a desolate yet beautiful death lay in it’s place.

Some of the trees appear alive, mostly the oaks.  But they aren’t.  Only charred remains of leaves
crown the tree tops–signs of life nowhere in site–accept the groundlings and birds that moved
about as I walked through.

For thousand of acres, only this.  Miles and miles wide.  Our fires are so incredibly cruel.

These poor trees appeared in a spot that I can only describe as looking like a movie set on the planet Mars!

Leftover remains of what look like watering cans for cattle.  But there is no cattle in this area.

The best view of how “gone” the eastern area around the Placerita Nature Center really is.

After the rains come in winter, I am hoping for sprigs of green.
I can only hope that one day it will all come back….



Head over to Maite’s 10 on 10 and see what she’s up to.  Her work is always amazing!

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  • November 10, 2016 - 4:02 am

    10 on 10 -November – 7th Sister Photography - […] Click here for the next 10 on 10 story in pictures by the talented Jennifer. […]ReplyCancel

  • November 12, 2016 - 1:31 pm

    Larry M Hoke - Image three looks like a large sad bird lying on the ground. The eye in lower right corner with the beak going down to the left like a Bev Doolittle picture. Sad indeed. Have faith…your canyon will come back.ReplyCancel

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