{J Family} 5 Years and Counting! | Los Angeles Photographer

The J Family is just so amazing!  Three sets of twins is WAY more than 3X the fun.  I began documenting them during the holiday season of 2009 when the youngest set of twins were mere months old.  I can be totally honest–because they would for sure understand–that the first session was REALLY overwhelming.  It was a fine balance to get all 6 kids looking “kinda” near the camera and not in a full wail!  As overwhelmed as I felt that first session, I was having SO MUCH FUN!  Each time I show up with my camera throughout the year/s (4-6 times yearly depending on family milestones)  the kids get bigger and bigger and now all 6 come running screaming my name, “JENN JENN JENN,” each volleying for hugs, kisses, tickles and chases!  And then the next question usually is, “where’s Rook and Raven (my kids),” on the off chance that my kids haven’t come to help wrangle and play and aide me in shooting the J Family.  It’s SUCH a delight!  They truly are part of my family now, and secretly I hope that I am part of theirs.  🙂  Notice how I and my kids pop into the sessions here and again.  I love you all, J Family!




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