8th Graders of SCVi Charter School Present: Civil War Reenactment + History Day 2015

There is so so much I could say about this day that I was so fortunate to capture, a living history and Civil War reenactment.  The 8th Graders and staff of SCVi International Charter School delve into this project each year soon after the holidays.  They build their own props, such as guns for the troops and costumes for the girls, hand making soaps and candles and games to sell at the “store,” and learn their parts, like my son Rook who played Abraham Lincoln and a field medic in these photos.  I shot the kids all day from about 10-3, capturing all 4 battles and Gettysburg Addresses, sneaking around the kids and families with my camera to capture tiny bits of magic I witnessed ALL day.  It was so much fun and in total I shot close to 1400 frames.  I won’t win awards for this photography; it’s not a real war that I am capturing.  But of all that I shoot in my business, documentary, life-style & story telling photography is nearest and dearest to my heart.  I never became a National Geographic photographer like I so desperately wanted to be growing up.  But in an equally fulfilling way, capturing the emotion and smiles of this day and other days like it–whether it be for families, weddings, etc–is just as important and satisfying when I hear how loved the photos are by those who were a part of them.  Thank you to the 8th grade staff of SCVi for such an AMAZING opportunity for my son and all the other students who get to journey back in time and create the beautiful reenactments! Mr. Lengning and Mr. Faulkner of SCVi Charter’s 8th grade staff who put this together with the kids each year, and the men who played the 2 generals, are truly golden among teachers!

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